Writing Prompt: Bites and Scratches


A little backstory for this one. The character (Or characters, still not sure what I’m about to write 😉 ) in it have been developing in my head for a few years, but I’ve never shared them with anyone else before. They’ll eventually have their own book, if I ever get around to them 😛


Chester had been fourteen when he was first bitten. The werewolf that did it had left him alone in the woods, beaten, bloody, and confused. Being by himself had never been so frightening.

By the laws of the wolves, biting someone meant that you would stay with them, at least through their first shift. The one who had gotten a hold of Chester, however, couldn’t have cared less about those “laws”. It was a wonder Chester had survived the attack at all. He had fumbled through the first few shifts, each a little easier than the last, surviving, but just barely.

Ariana had found him three months later, still by himself and still a pathetic little mess. She was a werecat, but it didn’t matter much, since she put herself as alpha over him anyways. She taught him how to deal with everything, at least enough to get by as a passable human. He was only five years younger, but she had been shifting since she was six.

They never stayed in one place for too long, and they didn’t have friends except each other. That was how Chester liked it. The less people to interact with, the better. She was more than enough for him, but she didn’t agree, so he would be left home alone some nights when she was dying to be around people.

After seventeen years of wandering, they finally found a place where they could stop and stay for a while. They got a quiet little home on a back road some twenty minutes away, and found work in the sleepy mountain town. There were woods to shift and roam, and the few others who lived there had an unspoken policy to leave others alone and be left alone themselves.

Chester worked as a janitor, and Ariana as a mechanic, and while he didn’t much mind the work itself, Chester felt odd trying to be the human he was born to be. He wasn’t anymore, but no one else there knew it. He could control the shifting now, so to everyone else, he just seemed quiet and a bit unfriendly. On the inside, though, he worried that they could all sense it. He waited for the day someone would pull him aside to tell him that they knew what he was and what he hid, and they would be forced to flee again.

That day never came, and the seasons rolled on as though nothing was different about those two strangers in that quiet town.

From the day of the bite, Chester felt like a monster. He knew there were others like him, but somehow that only made him feel worse, as though he had somehow increased a problem on the Earth. He had scars up both arms from himself. There had been many times he had dug his fresh claws into his arms to try to wake up from the nightmare. It never worked.

Ariana had caught him after a particularly bad cut, and she had held him like a lost puppy, comforting him and telling him that she’d never let him hurt like that again. It just made him sneakier and come up with better excuses for the next time.

He was older now, but the scratches still came. It seemed like the sudden rush of pain was all he could feel, apart from some dull disappointment that ambiently hummed in the back of his mind. He would stand over the sink, staring himself down in the mirror and asking what a monster like himself should feel. He never got an answer, so he continued living the same.

It all changed five years after finding their home.

He was out for a routine hunting trip, to run around in his fur and shake out his frustration. A deer lay dead before him, and he was ready to devour some of it before bringing it back to the house for the next few days. Behind him, a twig snapped loudly, startling him more than it should have, and he turned. His jaws closed around the arm of a teenage girl before he knew what had stumbled upon him. She screamed and he came to his senses, dropping her as quickly as he could, but it was too late. She fell to the ground, the power of the bite already working to turn her from human to werewolf. Shivering and sweating, she stared at him with wild eyes, clutching her arm and trying to scramble away. He backed up and watched her, heart pounding in his chest.

This was not good. The girl eventually fell unconscious, and Chester paced in tight circles around her, his mind working out what to do with her. He had to stay. He knew well enough what it was like to go through the first shift alone, and no one should have to do that. He scolded himself for being so easily surprised, but it was already done.

He was stuck with a beta wolf.


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